Dr Bharath Bhushan H K

MBBS, MS (Orthopedics)

Allopathy || Orthopedic Surgeon || 30 Years Experience

Orthopedic Surgeon Specialized in Trauma Care and Fracture Fixation.

Dr Shivraj Patil

BNYS, MD (Clinical Yoga)

Naturopathy Doctor || 18 years Experience

Expert in Treating Common Lifestyle Disorders, Osteo-Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Bronchial Asthama, Migraine, Obesity, Constipation, Gastritis, Psoriaris, Low Backpain, Dislipidemia, Sinusitis.

Dr Rahul Lakhotia

MBBS, MD (Anesthesia), DNB (Anesthesia)

Allopathy || Pain Relief Specialist || 14 years Experience

Expert in treating any kind of pain arising from Head to Toe especially Cervical Spondylosis, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Foot Pain using the Technique called "Regenerative Pain Therapy".

Dr Shilpa V Kalburgi

MBBS, MS (OBG), FRM (Fellow in Reproductive Medicine)

Allopathy || IVF Specialist || 10 Years Experience

Expert in treating Infertility problems like IUI, IVF/ICSI, PCOS, Poor Reserve Ovaries, Woman's Health, Recurrent Pregnancy Losses & Antenatal Care.

Dr Sushma Bala

MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine), DNB Nephrology (Trained)

Allopathy || Nephrologist || 6 Years Experience

Expert in treating Chronic Kidney Diseases & Acute Renal Failure. Effectively carries out Dialysis (Haemodialysis & Peritoneal), Renal Transplantation & Interventional Procedures. Consults for managing all Kidney Ailments arising from Diabetes and Hypertension.

Dr Manan R Thakrar

MBBS, MD (Psychiatry), MRS Psychiatry, UK

Allopathy || Psychiatrist || 5 Years Experience

Expert in treating Psychiatry problems. Youngest Doctor in India to give 4 TEDx Talks. Done more than 100 community awareness events on Mental Health.

Dr Mohammed Rafik


Naturopathy Doctor || 26 years Experience

Expert in IVDP (Inter Vertebral Problems), Stress Induced Diseases, Life style Disorders, Gynecological Ailments, Harmonal & Metabolic Disorders.

Dr Sridevi B S


Homeopathy || ADHD Specialist || 15 Years Experience

Expert in treating Problems related to Women & Children Health. Specialist in effectively treating Children having ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Dr Anjali B P


Allopathy || Laparascopy Surgeon || 13 Years Experience

Laparoscopic Surgeon and Expert in treating High Risk Pregnancy, overall Gynecological problems from Puberty to Menopause in Preventive & Conservative approach. Efficient in Infertility Workups & Treatment.

Dr Pramod Shet

BAMS, MD (Ayurveda)

Ayurveda Doctor || 10 Years Experience

Expert in treating Respiratory & Digestive Disorders, Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Osteo & Rheumatoid Arthritis. Specialist in Kayachikitsa. Actively represented many Seminars at International, National, State Levels, Workshops, CMEs & Medical Camps.

Dr Priyanka Minajagi

MBBS, DGO (Manipal)

Allopathy || Gynecologist || 2 Years Experience

Expert in treating Problems related to PCOS, Basic Infertility Workup & Treatment, Woman's Health, Age related Gynecological Problems of Women & Regular Screening of Diseases. Efficient in handling Pregnancy Care & High Risk Pregnancy.

Mr Vishnu Walke

B Tech, Diploma in Nutrition

Fitness Coach || Nutritionist || 3 Years Experience

Expert Physical Fitness Coach & Nutritionist who treats Problems related to Diabetes, Obesity, Thyroid & PCOD. Remarkably Stabilizes Your Exercise, Sleep, Diet & Nutrition Regime by effectively Reducing Stress.